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inNET.asia hasn’t done a single bit of marketing for our platform since its inception. Instead, we slowly built the platform, encouraging influencers we’ve worked with to come on board and let word of mouth take it from there. Our toes-in-the-water approach has allowed us to tweak, improve and refine inNET.asia into its current incarnation: an influencer-marketing marketplace platform that empowers influences as much as brands to find success with Influencer Marketing.

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inNET.asia Into It's
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For Influencers

Connect with brands that need your influence.
Showcase your expertise and get connected with global brands for business opportunities.

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We Are Not
An Agency

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By engaging with us, or using our platform, Influencers will not be tied down by contracts of any kind with inNET.asia. Continue, maintain and carry on any relationships you have with agencies and brands despite signing up. If anything, your relationship with us here at inNET.asia will be purely a “No Strings Attached” affair.


Unsure on how to expand your base of followers, or need advice on establishing your personal brand identity on social platforms? Worry not our team of experts are here to cater to assist you in any way we can.

Connect With
Global Brands

Get connected, engage, and work with prominent global brands, and open doorways to endless possibilities.

Reward System

Accumulate points for every job completed to redeem prizes. Reward yourself with even more rewards as a pat on the back for a job well done.


No need to worry about dishonest, underhanded managers or agencies any longer. inNET.asia offers complete transaction transparency in all dealings with no hidden charges.

The Most
Out There

Our new-breed online marketplace is specifically geared towards connecting brands to influencers to fulfill their marketing needs, all through our fully transparent ICMS system and see-through transactions. Rest easy knowing that you are safeguarded from backhanded charges and shady deals.